Chet M. Pitts

Founder & President

Sarah S. Pitts

Co-Founder & Director 

      Chet M. Pitts is the founder and President of Michigan Employment & Training Plus. His entrepreneurial spirit, problem solving ability and love for helping people set him on the path to building the organization. The organization is operated by people who share and see the bigger picture of Mr. Pitts’ goals and dreams.  Mr. Pitts has been an accomplished member of The Michigan Workforce where he assisted job seekers with everything from career counseling to human services direction. He has helped employers find outstanding employees in various ways with his talents in Job Fair facilitation, networking events, one on one employment counselling and more. His reputation and perseverance has been quoted as exceptional and astonishing.


      As a Detroit Michigan native Mr. Pitts wanted to help job seekers acquire employment in their fields and assist them with training and programs that would position them on top of employers list. He then took it upon himself to design a software that can manage the job placement cycle from start to finish which is called The Public Employment Tracking System (P.E.T.S)


     The organization believes in equipping job seekers with the knowledge and discipline to sustain themselves thus guiding them in the right direction to acquire employment .   


     Ensuring that employers were the right match for candidates, Mr. Pitts’ techniques of evaluating, developing, and creating programs has been a win-win situation for both job seekers and employers at a no cost venture that has been a proven success.


    Mr. Pitts received his B. A degree, in Entrepreneurship  from American Intercontinental University and also his MBA  in International Business from AIU with honors. His background is in real estate investment, software designing, inventing and business development.

      Sarah S. Pitts is the Co-founder and Board Member of Michigan Employment & Training Plus. Her background is in Human Resources, Finance & Mental Health. She has her M.B.A. in Human Resource Management and is now working towards her Doctorate of Leadership Management at Colorado Technical University. Help building and stabilizing the workforce economy in Detroit is dear to her heart for she is a native and who witness the ups and downs of the economy. 

Cyd C. Carter

Board Member

      Cyd C. Carter is a Board Member of Michigan Employment & Training Plus. Her background is in Customer Service, Strategic Investments, political awareness and Innovative approaches. Cyd is also a Native Detroiter who is an advocate for positive change within the community. 

Joao Pereira- Senior Lead Software Engineer

      Joao Pereira is a senior lead software engineer for Michigan Employment & Training Plus. He moved from Portugal and now resides in the United States. His background is in c/c++,TDD, PHP and Python and with those skills he has developed many successful software products. Joao & Chet believed there was a component missing from the workforce development industry which was tracking, management & placement.


     With Chet's direction & Joao skill set, he now leads the development team of the Public Employment Tracking System (PETS) Software which is a contributing solution in the workforce environment.


      He is an inventor, a innovator and a proactive problem solver that is able to strongly compete in today's tech era because he is open minded and constantly learning. In his spare time he volunteers his software expertise to various nonprofit organizations and he is also a member & mentor at Agile Ventures which is a open source software learning and development platform.


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