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Gallery of Philanthropic Work & Testimonies

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Home Depot School Donation Picture
Met Plus Flint Thank You_edited

Mr. Ponce Pool , Forklift Driver of Lee David Logistics went out his way to divert what was suppose to be scrapped brand new returned beds to our organization so that we could donate them at one of our donation giveaways.  We appreciate him for thinking about people in the community 


Carver STEM Academy

On behalf of the Pre-K team at Detroit Michigan Carver STEM Academy, in room 112 we would personally like to thank Michigan Employment & Training Plus for donating the sink and fans to our classroom and school. As you know dealing with Pre-K children our hands tend to get messy from all the fun activities that we do in our classroom. Having this sink in our classroom has been very beneficial to our daily routine. The classroom was rearranged so that the Art Area is near the sink, which allows the students to wash their hands, after they create their masterpieces. The donations of the fans are truly a blessing for our classes that doesn't come with central air in which leave our classes unbearable during the summer months which affects the children and teachers learning in a negative way. We truly appreciate you for being so generous.

Miss Candace Graham

Pre-k Teacher

  I am writing to you in regards to your company, Michigan Employment and Training Plus. You donated over 350 costumes to our children and families in October. I wanted to supply some pictures but unfortunately we were unable to take pictures due to our school not allowing costumes being worn during Halloween. 

  Many of our families could not have afforded costumes such as the ones you donated. We are a Title 1 school with over 90% of our population receiving free or reduced lunch. It was greatly appreciated not only by the students but by their parents as well. Many of the students had baby siblings and so the young baby costumes were used also.

  I had the costumes set up in my classroom and so the students would come in with their parents afterschool to pick one out. I heard many thanks and words of appreciation for your company in donating the costumes. Thank you again for thinking of our students.



Mrs. King

First Grade Teacher

West Village Academy

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