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The Full Story

Met Plus Senior Village Project is a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life for seniors in the heart of Detroit. Founded and led by Chet M. Pitts Sr., the President of Met Plus, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, this project centers around a apartment building located at Lemay & East Jefferson, a prime area in the City of Detroit.

In 2016, a local couple generously donated the property to Met Plus, recognizing the organization's significant contributions to the community. This unexpected blessing kickstarted a journey to fulfill Met Plus's mission, beginning with overcoming challenges Met Plus remains committed to overcoming hurdles and delivering a senior housing project that will positively impact the community.

Met Plus Senior Village Project stands as a testament to the organization's resilience, community commitment, and unwavering dedication to providing quality housing solutions for seniors in Detroit. As the project progresses, Met Plus remains focused on its mission to uplift the lives of seniors and contribute positively to the community it serves. All support is welcome .

Before Development  

1602 Lemay Site Plan Images.jpg
Aerial view 1F.jpg
Aerial view 1F.jpg

After Development


​Our mission is to provide

  • Independence: Emphasizing self-reliance within a supportive environment, enhancing residents’ quality of life.

  • Individuality: Customizing care programs to reflect each resident’s interests, abilities, and preferences.

  • Privacy: Allowing residents to maintain and decorate their apartments or suites with personal belongings while discreetly monitoring health and safety.

  • Choice: Encouraging residents to continue making their own decisions.

  • Dignity: Assisting residents with personal needs in a manner that respects their dignity.

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•Our vision is to serve the low-income senior population with residential living and inhouse wraparound services that will of consist health, human and social services as well as extracurricular activities while utilizing new innovative products and equipment that will ensue a healthier safer environment for the residents.

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