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Mental Health Therapy



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Met Plus believes in providing a controlled environment for clients to better manage their needs so we believe in providing Wraparound Services.


       Wraparound is a term used to describe a process by which service providers agree to

collaborate to improve the lives of children, families and adults by creating, enhancing,

and accessing a coordinated system of support through a strengths-based, client-driven

model. An emphasis is placed on identifying and enhancing the client’s natural and

informal supports, or to assist them in finding new informal supports. The client may be

defined as an individual or as an entire family. Wraparound is specifically designed to

address crisis concerns and keep an individual adult or child in their home and


         Key components of Wraparound service planning include:

1) Listening carefully to the client in order to assist them in creating/finding them

own emotional and other supports. These natural supports often include family

peer specialists, advocates, or friends and family members.

2) Identification of client-centered teams that include formal and informal

representation from the client’s community;

3) Individualized goal(s) development, based on unique client strengths, culture and

identified needs.

4) All interventions in the plan must reflect client-centered or community-based


5) Identifying potential ways of handling crisis situations.

        Wraparound Services are recognized as being clinically effective and necessary for many

clients and typically require a higher intensity and frequency of service provision than

traditional outpatient services. However, the advantage of access to flexible funding

through the wraparound process can be critical in helping clients and their families

maximize and maintain their functioning in the community. Wraparound Programs may

be peer, consumer or facility operated.

A therapeutic Wraparound services program for children and adolescents includes a full

range of services designed to provide the necessary support to both the child and them

family. Additionally, the process needs to address concerns such as preventing out of

home placement or to facilitating the child’s successful discharge from out of home

placement through reintegration into home and community life. The Wraparound process

is being utilized in many community early childhood programs in effort to ensure early

problem identification and intervention with very young children and them



  • Warm Line

  • Crisis Hostels

  • Intensive Case Management

  • Recovery/Self-Help Groups in the community

  • Peer Advocacy

  • Job Development & Placement

  • Assertive Community Treatment (ACT)

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