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Joao Pereira

     Joao Pereira is a senior lead software engineer for Michigan Employment & Training Plus. He moved from Portugal and now resides in the United States. His background is in c/c++, TDD, PHP, and Python and with those skills he has developed many successful software products. Joao & Chet believed there was a component missing from the workforce development industry which was tracking, management & placement.


     With Chet's direction & Joao skill set, he now leads the development team of the Public Employment Tracking System (PETS) Software which is a contributing solution in the workforce environment.


      He is an inventor, an innovator and a proactive problem solver that is able to strongly compete in today's tech era because he is open-minded and constantly learning. In his spare time, he volunteers his software expertise to various nonprofit organizations and he is also a member & mentor at Agile Ventures which is an open-source software learning and development platform.

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