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We are not just here to create a mission, MET|PLUS is here to create a change. Your success is our mission.
--Chet M. Pitts

Our vision of enhancing people's daily lives begins with people like you, people who care enough to see about others. Our organization will flourish because of your commitment to our mission of helping Michigan residents to become educated and work-ready.


Your donations will help us by providing long-term funding for the organization to ensure that services can be provided without interruption. You are an important part of our organization, and we appreciate your ongoing support!

Funds will be distributed to various vocational programs 

Every dollar counts towards various necessities and projects.

Donor Supporters

  • Dorrell Rentals L.L.C

  • American ATM Solutions

  • P.T.S.D, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder 837

  • Target Corporation

  • Home Depot

  • Gleaners Food Bank

  • Meijer

  • TechSoup

  • Good360

  • Michigan Community Resources

  • Google

  • Wix

  • Mobile Beacon

  • Detroit Pistons

  • GSA

  • Ninja Number