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Due to the Coronavirus outbreak also known as Covid-19, Met Plus will take the correct safety precautions while providing services. 


We’re in The Business of Building Communities

Michigan Employment & Training Plus (MET|PLUS) strives to enable and empower individuals, families and communities to lead informed, productive and culturally sensitive lives. As a  Community Advocate we service all those in need of every culture. We are strong supporters of social services  that hold to the upmost ethical values of community service, healthy lifestyles, education and outreach.

  1. Define your preferences and Explore Your Options

  2. Identify your current and desired skills

  3. Utilize social media to network with employers such as LinkedIn

  4. Understand the different resume types and create it to be relevant to the job that you’re applying for.

  5. Attend Career Fairs

  6. Contact Companies Directly

  7. Seek help from the Met Plus

11 Creative Recruiting Strategies To Hire Great People
  • Use self-selection to find out who's really interested

  • Arrange for group interaction

  • Handpick dream candidates and show them you want them

  • Look for talent in unlikely places

  • Attend events that are NOT job fairs

  • Make yourself stand out with non-traditional media

  • Actively search profiles and social networking sites

  • Advertise in places frequented by your ideal candidate

  • Consider past candidates

  • Publicize referral incentives

  • Seek candidates from Michigan Employment & Training Plus

-Bianca Male

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  • Tech & Educational Innovation

  • Workforce Development Services

  • Public Employment Tracking System (P.E.T.S) Software

  • Health & Human Services

  • Wraparound Services

  • Housing Supportive Services

  • Community Partnerships

  • Discipline

  • Sponsorship's

Top 7 Job Search Strategies


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